Digital tachographs

Maracana offers the following services in the field of tachographs checks:

  • Issuing of tachograph checking proof, valid for 2 years.
  • Verificare orice tip de tahografCheck of any type of tachograph and speed limiter
  • Service pentru orice tip de tahografCalibrare tahografeTachograph calibration
  • Montare si comercializare tahografe de toate tipurileDigital tachograph installation and marketing
  • Speed limiter installation and marketing
  • Descarcarea si interpretarea datelor din cartela soferului si din tahograful digitalDownloading and interpreting data from driver card and digital tachograph
  • training Training on use of digital tachograph
  • Diagrame si role tahografInstallation of reflectors and reflective tape
  • Consumabile pentru tahografe si piese de schimbSales of tachographs’ diagrams and spare parts for tachographs