Providing agricultural services:

We provide the agricultural producers a wide range of services: ploughing, scarification, crop maintenance works, application of fertilizers.

Ploughing and scarification – on all types of soil and soil depths needed. 
Due to high technical performances, the assemblies "tractor + plow" and “tractor + scarifier" provide:

  • Appropriate quality of work performed
  • Optimum fuel consumption per hectare worked 
  • Timely rendering of works (as scheduled, without interruption for repairs, - because the equipment is in perfect condition )

Application of pesticides and liquid fertilizers

These works are carried out with self-propelled sprayers which provide, through technical performance:

  • Low fuel consumption per hectare (CATERPILAR engine and hydrostatic transmission integral)
  • Precision and efficiency in operation (effective spraying of plants)
  • Maximum protection of the human operator and the environment
  • Significant savings of chemicals and excellent results in the treatment of spraying, through eliminating losses and deviations due to electric control system (computerized) of spraying and GPS navigation system

A “tractor + scoop” machinery ensures a quick supply of the herbicide spraying machine with water.

Skilled workforce

The agricultural works are performed and monitored by skilled workforce (mechanical engineers, specialized in agricultural mechanics)